The Ultimate BYU Football Recruiting Guide (2017 Edition), comes after more than two years of writing on BYU Insider (with 402 total profiles and articles and nearly 500,000 total page views), and dozens of recruit interviews. I have spent hundreds of hours writing about BYU football, and especially about recruiting. Recently a few people (including my HCBW) have asked “how can we [the blog readers] pay you back” for all the time and effort spent on the site (more about that here). This is how—buy the guide.

And here’s what you’ll get… The comprehensive BYU Football 2017 Offer Board. This 40 page PDF lists every recruit (to my knowledge) that BYU has at any time offered for the Class of 2017. It details who the prospects are, where they’re from, what kinds of stars and offers they have, and links to their BYU Insider profile (if they have one), their twitter profile, and their most recent HUDL highlight video. It also lists all the current commits and transfers, rank orders the outstanding offers (I’ll include this part in this email… scroll to the bottom for it), breaks down the most likely to commit on February first, has a head-to-head comparison with the Utes, and lists the official visit dates.

I hope this Recruiting Guide will be a valuable resource to you as the Cougs gear up for National Letter of Intent day on February 1, 2017. BYU already has a pretty solid class verbally committed and there is a chance that a few 3 and 4-star recruits can sign and make this a special class. I recommend you follow a few of these high profile recruits on Twitter or Instagram and show them some BYU Cougar love.

If you really want a copy of the guide but you’re poor like me, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a free copy. You can also show your support and “pay me back” by “liking” the Facebook page, following me on Twitter and retweet my tweets, and/or emailing me suggestions for the site.  My day job is as a school teacher, but I love writing about the Cougars and plan to continue writing about BYU football for a long time.  I appreciate your support and look forward to a great 2017.  Cheers,

Tyler, Founder and Managing Editor of BYU Insider

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