BYU Insider is a small, infrequent publication that focuses on statistics that are already available to anyone online (if they are willing to dig deep enough).  We do not try to compete with the larger BYU publications to get out the cutting edge news, actual “insider” information, or human interest stories.  That said, if you are a Cougarfan we want to help you get all the news and information possible about BYU, so this page was created to share a comprehensive list of ALL BYU sports sites. If you know of any corrections to this page or of sites that aren’t included but should, please note it in the comment section below.

Official Sites. The following are the “official” sites for BYU athletics that span the other categories listed below them.

Newspapers. The following are local (Utah) newspapers that regularly report on BYU athletics.

News Aggregator Websites.  These are the sites that link to news articles written about BYU sports (primarily from the newspapers listed above).

  • Cougarfan ( – This is a site I have followed for years.  It covers most of the
  • Cougar Update ( – This aggragator is the official news page for CougarBoard, the largest BYU discussion board on the web

Discussion forums.  While some of the other websites mentioned in this list include discussion boards/forums on their site the following are websites wholly dedicated to discussion.

Professional Websites/Blogs.  While appearing slightly lower on this list, this is where real “fan” articles come into play.  These are the hard-core BYU fans that are writing some really good stuff from the fan perspective.

Hard-core fan Blogs.  This is probably where BYU Insider belongs, it’s the “almost professional” blogs written by hard-core fans but not supported by any larger entity–they’re just blogs.

  • JMoney Sports ( – Written by Jay Yeoman–a semi-regular contributor to Deseret News.
  • BYU Insider ( – Written by Tyler Christensen, a professor of Teacher Education at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
  • Blue Cougar Football ( – Around since 2009, this fan site is maintained by Scott Rappleye, Neal Rappleye, and Nate Depperman

Television and Radio.  These are news sites similar to the newspaper sites listed above, but revolve around television and radio instead of print media.

  • KSL ( – This is the LDS churches radio and television station

Social Media.  This category gets a little messy because most of the sources mentioned above have a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, a YouTube channel, or all three.

Wowzers, that is a whole heap of BYU sports sites.  And these are just the most popular ones.  If you know of any other sites that should be added to this list and/or a correction to content on this page, please indicate as much on the comment section below.