You may have noticed that I’ve recently streamlined things here at BYU Insider, getting rid of several pages and focusing on recruiting and pro tracking (before and after BYU) for football and basketball.  This new section (resources) is being created to showcase some of the better BYU resources that I’m working on.  By summer 2016 I plan to have a Pro-Tracker PDF for both football and basketball, a transfer tracker for football, a Cougar Cave tutorial, and a guide to all things Cougarfan. I’ll be rolling these free resources out early to my email subscribers, so if you’d like to see and give feedback on them please subscribe using the form below.

Upcoming Resources:

  • BYU Football Pro-Tracker
  • BYU Football Transfer Tracker
  • BYU Football Scheduling Agreements
  • BYU Basketball Pro-Tracker
  • The Cougar Cave (Ultimate Guide to creating a BYU mancave)
  • Fan Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Everything Cougarfan

If there are any other resources that you would like me to develop, please feel free to email them to me at