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The following are BYU alumni who have played football professionally since 2000 (eventually I’ll extend this out to include all football players).  Players that are “linked” (underlined and in blue) have a profile page that provides details about their careers. Players listed alphabetically.  *those who enrolled at BYU at some point but transferred and played for other universities as well.

Ah You, C.J.*
Ansah, Ezekiel
Apo, Ross
Archibald, Ben
Balderree, Tanner
Beck, John
Bockwoldt, Colby
Bright, Travis
Brown, Algernon
Brown, Curtis
Brown, Braden
Brown, Manaia
Brown, Terence
Cameron, Jordan*
Coats, Daniel
Collie, Austin
Collie, Zac
Daniel, Robertson
Davis, Michael
Denney, John
Denney, Ryan
Doman, Brandon
Edmonds, Aaron
Eide, Andrew
Ena, Justin
Engemann, Bret
Fabululje, Tayo*
Fangupo, Hebron
Feinga, Ray
Feterik, Kevin
Feula, Vince
Francisco, Aaron
Friel, Kaneakua
Frisch, Byron
Fua, Alani
Fuga, Romney
George, Andrew
Gray, Brian
Hadley, Preston
Hadley, Spencer
Hall, Max
Hannemann, Micah
Hansen, Braden
Harline, Jonny
Heaps, Jake*
Herring, Isaac
Hill, Taysom
Hoffman, Cody
Hoke, Chris
Hooks, Margin
Houk, Terenn
Jackson, Harvey
Jackson, Scott
Jacobson, McKay
Jenkins, Ronney
Jensen, Cameron
Johnson, Matt
Jolley, Doug
Kafu, Solomone
Kaufusi, Bronson
Kaveinga, Uona
Kehl, Bryan
Keele, Eddie
Keisel, Brett
Koroma, Tejan
Kuresa, Jake
Kurtz, Nick
Langi, Harvey
Lasike, Paul
Laulile, Tomasi
Leavitt, Dallin
Leslie, Jordan
Mahe, Reno
Mahina, Devin
Manumaleuna, Eathyn
Marquardt, Michael*
Mathews, Mitch
Mathews, Ryker
Morris, Rob
Nacua, Kai
Nead, Spencer
Nixon, David
Nua, Shaun
Nuno, Carlos
Ofahengaue, Tevita
Ogletree, Brandon
Olsen, Ammon*
Olsen, Hans
Pearson, Colby
Pikula, Manoa
Pitta, Dennis
Pittman, Jonathan
Pochman, Owen
PoVey, Skye
Poppinga, Brady
Poppinga, Kelly
Reid, Gabriel
Reynolds, Dallas
Reynolds, Matt
Rich, Andrew
Rowley, Graham
Rykert, Dustin
Scukanec, Jason
Sitake, Kalani
So’oto, Vic
Sorensen, Brad*
Sorensen, Daniel
Speredon, Jason
Staley, Luke
Stratton, Brock*
Tahi, Fahu
Tanielu, Handsome
Tautu, Sae
Tonga, Manase
Tonga, Matangi*
Trinnaman, Jonah
Unga, Harvey
Unga, Uani
Vakapuna, Fui
Van Noy, Kyle
Warner, Fred
Watkins, Todd
Wesley, De’Ondre
Whiting, Teag
Wilcox, Brad
Williams, Jamaal
Young, Scott

Quick Reference Guide: Alumni in the NFL (2000-2018)

Players who are currently on NFL rosters are bolded

Class Draft Picks Free Agents
2018 (9) Fred Warner (3-70) Tanner Balderee, Micah Hannemann, Tejan Koroma, Tomasi Laulile, Dallin Leavitt*,  JonRyheem Peoples*, Handsome Tanielu, Jonah Trinnaman
2017 (11) Jamaal Williams (4-134) Taysom Hill, Harvey Langi, Sae Tautu, Algernon Brown, Kai Nacua, Michael Davis, Andrew Aide, Nick Kurtz, Brad Wilcox, Colby Pearson
2016 (6) Bronson Kaufusi (3-70) Terenn Houk, Mitch Mathews, Ryker Mathews, Manoa Pikula, Graham Rowley
2015 (12) Ross Apo, Robertson Daniel, Tayo Fabuluje*, Alani Fua, Jake Heaps*, Harvey Jackson, Solomon Kafu, Paul Lasike, Jordan Leslie, Devin Mahina, Skye PoVey, De’Ondre Wesley
2014 (7) Kyle Van Noy (2-40) Kaneakua Friel, Spencer Hadley, Cody Hoffman, Eathyn Manumaleuna, Daniel Sorensen, Uani ‘Unga
2013 (8) Ziggy Ansah (1-5), Brad Sorensen (7-221)* Braden Brown, Romney Fuga, Preston Hadley, Braden Hansen, Uona Kaveinga, Brandon Ogletree
2012 (4) Terence Brown, Hebron Fangupo, McKay Jacobson, Matt Reynolds
2011 (5) Jordan Cameron (4-102)* Andrew Rich, Jason Speredon, Vic So’oto, Matangi Tonga*
2010 (5) Dennis Pitta (4-114), Harvey Unga (S, 7-12) Max Hall, Andrew George, Manase Tonga
2009 (6) Austin Collie (4-127), Fui Vakapuna (7-215) Travis Bright, Ray Feinga, David Nixon, Dallas Reynolds
2008 (3) Bryan Kehl (4-123) Kelly Poppinga, Michael Marquadt*
2007 (10) John Beck (2-40), C.J. Ah You (7-239)* Curtis Brown, Daniel Coats, Zac Collie, Jonny Harline, Cameron Jensen, Eddie Keele, Jake Kuresa, Brock Stratton*
2006 (4) Todd Watkins (7-218) Manaia Brown, Vince Feula, Fahu Tahi
2005 (5) Brady Poppinga (4-125), Scott Young (5-172), Shaun Nua (7-228) John Denney, Aaron Francisco
2004 (2) Colby Bockwoldt (7-240) Scott Jackson
2003 (7) Dustin Rykert (6-204), Spencer Nead (7-234) Ben Archibald, Bret Engemann, Isaac Herring, Reno Mahe, Gabriel Reid
2002 (9) Doug Jolley (2-23), Ryan Denney (2-29), Brandon Doman (5-28), Luke Staley (7-214), Brett Keisel (7-242) Aaron Edmonds, Justin Ena, Jason Scukanec, Teag Whiting
2001 (7) Owen Pochman (7-216), Tevita Ofahengaue (7-246) Chris Hoke, Margin Hooks, Hans Olsen, Kalani Sitake, Jonathan Pittman
2000 (7) Rob Morris (1-28), Byron Frisch (3-93), Matt Johnson (5-138) Kevin Feterik, Brian Gray, Ronney Jenkins, Carlos Nuno

Note: I’m currently doing research on BYU alumni in the pros and putting together a book. The profiles on this site will be abbreviated profiles that include a summary of their pro career and statistics. For all information relevant to the players (prep and collegiate summaries, NFL transactions, where are they now, etc.), you’ll have to wait for the book.

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