I believe this site is needed as there are no great BYU statistics and obscure facts websites on the internet.  So in a perfect world I would be writing new articles all the time so that we can all bask in BYU greatness.  In reality I’m just a normal guy that really loves my day job and being with my family the rest of the time, so my BYU writing time is very limited.  Which is why I only write one article per week (at most).

That’s where you come in.  If you have the inside scoop on something related to BYU sports and/or are interested in doing the requisite internet research to get that inside information, please consider applying to be a guest contributor to BYU Insider. To apply simply email us a short email that lists 1) the proposed title of your article, 2) a short (like 100-200 word) description of what your article will be, and 3) a short bio that includes your name, pseudonym, or preferred title; a short description of who you are and possibly why you’re interested in BYU sports; and a link to your website (if you have one).

What do you get from it?  If your application is selected you will be able to write and submit your article for publication in BYU Insider.  Your writing will still be screened prior to publication, but just to ensure it is “BYU audience” friendly.  You will get credit for writing the article and we will link back to your website (if you have one).  You won’t be paid, won’t get a trophy, won’t be elected President… but you will feel warm and fuzzy inside and have your article out there on a pretty cool website.

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