Won’t be long now. 12 days to Tipoff!

Kaufusi is much better at most aspects of his game; he still needs to develop soft, strong, reliable hands. The knowledgable Heinz57 says more work with a medicine ball will improve hands. Regardless, Corbin should be a force on defense where knowledge, hustle, and physicality matter more than hands.

Nate Austin looks healthy and to be an improvement on his old capable self. He still plays hard and could be among the nation’s leaders in rebounds…and in hitting the deck.

Toolson may be catching Chatman for minutes at SF. Jake is hitting the 3 beautifully just like last summer and hustling on defense.

Fischer is showing more consistency from long range; When in rhythm, Emery hits that shot well also.

Expect Davis to surprise the WCC big time this year. He is a truly complete player at his position.

Collinsworth is shooting very well from midrange and his passing is so consistently brilliant and he gets it done so effortlessly……well, fill in the rest. Amazing!

Take the over on those predicting one KC triple double. A 5 X 5 game is even thinkable, i.e. the extremely rare game that stuffs the stat sheet with 5 points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

Except for Emery and Chatman, all the freshmen look like freshmen and we shouldn’t expect much at this point. Cooper Ainge might win the #3 PG role.

Aytes easing into practice slowly. Starting this week, after another long layoff post Spain, Jamal runs a little full court one day and does only light drills the next. Cautiously optimistic but remains a health concern. If Aytes can’t go, it would be a very significant loss. No one on the team has his overwhelming physicality inside. Where do they go for a fourth big? Like last year at this time, there is no more margin of safety for another injured big.

If Aytes recovers, and the other 3 bigs stay healthy, don’t be surprised if they smash the Utes this year.

Calvert is looking pretty good at SG. He’ll have his chance to win minutes. Now that they are not going to try to shoehorn Calvert into the unnatural position of PG, i think he has a decent shot to work in minutes at SG and SF. Looks like the team needs are such that Calvert will get the chance to contribute where he plays best, which is almost anywhere but PG. He is a high potential guy who could surprise to the upside.

IMO, a mistake in the past has been to try to make PGs out of those who have no inclination or aptitude for it; it slowed the growth of both Winder and Bartley, for example.

7’3″ Hamson still on the sidelines jumping an extra long rope. Look for him to begin some on court play soon, perhaps next week.

Elijah Bryant is looking more and more like he could follow nicely after Kyle Collinsworth. Elijah shoots better from 3, KC is quicker, is a little bigger and probably has better hops. My guess is Collinsworth will significantly cut turnovers this year while Bryant still must learn to take fewer risks. Bryant may turn out to be as strong a leader as BYU has ever had, as he sharply cuts turnovers.

It could turn out to BYU’s advantage to be unranked early as long as they win at the Huntsman.

Collinsworth, especially could benefit if the team knocks off Utah, #8 Oklahoma and challenges Gonzaga in the WCC.

It would be impressive for a team not expected to make NCAAs to win 30 games and defeat 3 top 15 teams. Result: KC gets vaulted into the All-American/POY discussion while Fischer, Austin and younger players get more recognition.