Who do you think will be the biggest surprise on the basketball team?

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‘Da Cougars’ Magnificant 7!

1. Kyle Collinsworth, who was never more than 85% healthy in his record setting 2014-15 season, is much quicker and stronger; KC likely to beat last year’s averages in assists and rebounds, despite universal predictions that rebounds must decline significantly.

2. Kyle Davis, likely considered as a decent transfer role player, will emerge as a near double/double star.

3. Nate Austin may be a bigger surprise to CBers than to the national media who know him as one of the greatest rebounders in the nation and a strong inside defender. He will surprise me pleasantly if he hits his long range shot with any more consistency than he has in the past. He is 13 of 47 lifetime for 27%.

4. Jamal Aytes, i should disclose is my fav. He may only have to remain healthy all season to surprise many of us here. He is an unknown to those not close to the program, yet can be expected to be a significant role player in the post. He does things no one else on the team can. Shrewd inside who knows how to use his oversized backside and his soft, powerful turnover proof hands to create space inside, he may be difficult to keep out of the starting lineup by January.

5. Chase Fischer has a much more complete game than advertised and if his self confidence doesn’t get too far ahead of his considerable talent, expect him to not only lead the Cougars in scoring but also to demonstrate surprising moves to the rim and inspired unselfish effectiveness in passing.

6. Corbin Kaufusi to some CBers has sky high expectations. But for the rest of the basketball world, he should demonstrate considerable upside surprise as he has had a year to learn the game. He still has a long way to go in that regard, but we’ll see how far in the season BYU goes before we find a consensus that he knows the game well and is better able to exploit his near freakish athleticism.

7. Nick Emery is going to be a great D-1 player and it is impressive that he has sent every signal that his orientation this year is more about fitting in wherever he can help than about taking charge. Expect the freshman to start and average well into double digits and that should surprise many.