State of the Program: Looking ahead to the 2016-17 basketball season

The State of the Program is a series of short reports that are generated by fans and media close to the BYU men’s basketball program.  These reports provide educated opinions about the current state of the basketball team and speculation about the future of the program. If you are interested in contributing to this series please contact us at:

Looking Ahead to 2016, by James Vincent

There is still a good chance that the guys make something special out of this season, but next year might be the time that all doubt is removed that the program has reached the big time. Coaches expectations for Payton Dastrup are similar to the LP trio. So far, of the 5 high end D-1 phenoms joining the team next year, 3 are proven, i.e. Eric Mika, Elijah Bryant, and Nick Emery, while 2 have yet to experience the D-1 game, i.e. TJ Haws and Dastrup.

Zac Seljaas is showing signs of being in that talent class. We’ll see for sure over the next month or so. That would make 6 high level players to join senior captain Kyle Davis leading the forces next year to make a Magnificent 7. Hopefully, Corbin Kaufusi continues to develop and adds value while Jordan Chatman mostly needs more confidence to contribute significantly, this year and next. Jamal Aytes continues to fight back from ankles that sometimes seem too weak to support his incredible hulk like physique and crafty moves. If Jamal completes his recovery with full confidence, BYU fans will enjoy a nice upside surprise from here. He still looks a little worried about jumping, twisting, and running all out. Can you blame him after so many relapses? Dastrup is set to be a Davis kind of double/double man, whom the coaches seem to be higher on than some fans at this point.

Last year, Elijah Bryant was one of the 10 best players in a conference that is ranked well ahead of the WCC and the MWC this year on Pomeroy, as a freshman! Quick enough to be good with leadership to burn and a complete skill set, he is a cross between Matthew Dellavedova and Kyle Collinsworth.