State of the Program: Grad transfer basketball prospect Konner Frey

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Hot grad transfer prospect: Konner Frey looks interesting. Late growth spurt, late to basketball, converted football QB by James Vincent

Didn’t know a thing about him a week ago but his story is very much correlated to guys who come out of nowhere and emerge as top players. As a late bloomer in both physical maturity and basketball experience, Frey’s learning curve is necessarily much steeper than most.

Briefly, spinal stenosis ended his football dreams before high school. He then tried basketball as a 6′ 0″ sophomore and got cut at Viewmont High in Bountiful. Thereafter, he took up tennis, then dabbled at the high jump and quickly became proficient enough to compete at the State Championships. He grew to 6’4″ and made the HS basketball team as a junior, improved enough to make all-State as a senior, went to a JC in Wyoming, then served a mission, walked on at USU upon his return, before improving enough to become a competent 6’6″ D-1 wing at UVU. No reshirt is required for transferring walk-ons or grads, i assume.

I love his story! He could turn out to be a force. Good health permitting, he almost certainly has not peaked. Here is an encouraging quote from UVU Coach Mark Pope in late February:

“It’s impossible to overestimate Konner’s contribution to our team this season,” Utah Valley head coach Mark Pope said. “He’s not only been a great scorer, rebounder and defender, but also a tremendous leader on and off the floor. Konner gives us great energy. He joined our team right at the beginning of this season and has grown his game and he’s playing great basketball right now.

Hope it works out with BYU. See KSL’s breaking story at:

This opinion piece was written by James Vincent (Roseyscenario) and is cross-posted in CougarBoard