Cougarfans like to keep tabs on BYU alumni and LDS ballers who have joined the coaching ranks and/or have coaching experience.  Here’s a comprehensive list of the Who’s Who of BYU Football Coaching.  I just started working on this list so I am missing a lot of people.  If you want to steer me in the right direction please post corrections or additions in the comments section below.

Last updated March 14, 2018

Active Coaches 

The following are coaches that either player or coached at BYU at some point and are active coaches right now (at any rank).

  • Crowton, Gary (1980?) – Currently the Offensive Coordinator at Stephen F. Austin.  Previous coaching experience includes: BYU (1982, GA), Snow College (1983-86, DB, OC), Western Illinois (1987, OC), New Hampshire (1988-90, OC), Boston College (1991-93, QB), Georgia Tech (1994, co-OC), Louisiana Tech (1995-98, OC, HC), Chicago Bears (1999-2000, OC), BYU (2001-04, HC), Oregon (2005-06, OC), LSU (2007-10, OC), Maryland (2011, OC), Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL (2012-13, OC), Southern Utah (2014-15, OC), Oregon State (2015, offensive consultant), Stephen F. Austin (2016-present, OC).
  • Reid, Andy (1978-80) – Currently head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs (2013-present).  Previous coaching experience includes: BYU (1982, GA), San Francisco State (1983-85, OL), Northern Arizona (1986, OL), Texas-El Paso (1987-88, OL), Missouri (1989-91, OL), Green Bay Packers (1992-94, Offensive assistant; 1995-96, OL; 1997-98, QB/assistant head coach), Philadelphia Eagles (1999-2012, HC).
  • Sarkisian, Steve (1995-96). Currently offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.  Previous coaching experience includes: El Camino College (2000, QB), USC (2001-03, QB; 2005-06, QB; 2007-08, AHC/OC/QB; 2014-15, HC), Oakland Raiders (2004, QB), Washington (2009-13, HC), Alabama (2016, analyst/OC).
  • Sitake, Kalani (1994, 1997-2000). Currently BYU head coach.  Previous coaching experience includes: Eastern Arizona (2001, DB/ST), BYU, (2002, GA), Southern Utah (2003, RB/TE; 2004, OL/TE), Utah (2005-08, LB; 2009-11, DC/LB; 2012-14, AHC/DC/LB), and Oregon State (2015, AHC/DC).
  • Stubbs, Charlie (1980?) – Currently the head coach at Oceanside Collegiate Academy.  Previous coaching experience includes: Sea Island Academy (1981-82), BYU (1983-84, GA), Oregon State (1985-90, WR, QB, OC), Boiling Springs HS (1991-93, HC), Memphis (1994, OC/QB), UT-Martin (1995, OC/QB), UNLV (OC/QB), Alabama (1998-2000, QB), Tulsa (2002-06, OC/QB), Louisville (2007, OC/WR), Central Missouri (2008-09, OC/QB), and Nicholls State (2010-14, HC).
  • Unga, Uani (2012-13). Currently coaching outside linebackers at Utah State University (2018-present).  Previous coaching experience includes: Utah State (2017, GA).
  • Whittingham, Kyle (1978-81). Currently head coach for the University of Utah (2005-present). Previous coaching experience includes: BYU (1985-86, GA), Eastern Utah (1987, DC), Idaho State (1988-91, LB/ST; 1992-93, DC), and Utah (1994, DL; 1995-96, DC/S; 1997, DC/LB; 1998-2000, DC/S; 2001-04, DC/LB; and 2005-present, HC).

Semi-Active Coaches

Those listed here are coaches who have either recently retired or been let go from a coaching position.

  • Cahoon, Ben (1996-97) – Coached at BYU (2011-12, 2016-17; Wide Receivers).  Currently owns and runs Power Pad Insoles, LLC.
  • Detmer, Ty (1987-91) – Coached at St. Andrew’s Episcopal High School (2010-15, HC), and BYU (2016-17, OC, QB).
  • Mahe, Reno (1998-2002) – Coached at BYU (2016-17) as running backs coach.
  • Whittingham, Cary (1980?) – Timpview HS (1998-04, AHC; 2005-18, HC)

Others who work in sports in non-coaching positions

The following list includes alumni who are not currently coaching but are involved in other sports related positions and might consider coaching.

  • Eason, Corby (2009-11). Currently a DB specialist for DB Pro Academy and loan officer for First Colony Mortgage (2012-present).
  • Holmoe, Tom (1980-82) – Currently the Athletic Director at BYU (2005-present). Coached at BYU (1990-91, GA), Stanford (1992-93, DB), San Francisco 49ers (1994-95, DB), California (1996, DC; 1997-2001, HC).
  • Lewis, Chad – Associate Athletic Director at BYU (2010-present)

Retired Coaches

And this list includes notable alumni who did coach but are now retired.

  • Brian Billick (1975-77) – Coached at BYU (1978, Graduate Assistant), San Diego State University (1981-85, Tight Ends), Utah State University (1986-88, Offensive Coordinator), Stanford (1989-1991, Assistant Head Coach and Tight Ends), and in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings (1992-98, two seasons with Tight Ends and then as Offensive Coordinator), and the Baltimore Ravens (1999-2007, Head coach).  He now works as a broadcaster and analyst.
  • Edwards, LaVell (1949-51 at USU) – Coached at Granite HS (1954-61, HC), as an Assistant at BYU (1962-71), and as BYU head coach (1972-2000).  Notable coaches that coached for Edwards include: Mike Holmgren, Steve Sarkisian, Norm Chow, Dave Kragthorpe, Kyle Whittingham, Robert Anae, Brian Billck, Ted Tollner, Doug Scovil, Brandon Doman, Tom Holmoe, Andy Reid, Kalani Sitake, and Ty Detmer.
  • Whittingham, Fred (1963). Coached at BYU (1973-77, LB; 1978-71, DC), Los Angeles Rams (1982, ST/TE; 1983-90, LB; 1991, Scout), Utah (1992-94, DC; 1998-2000, LB), Oakland Raiders (1995, LB; 1996-97, DC).