If you’re a die hard Cougar fan you probably want Cougar gear (clothes, decor, etc.).  “The Cougar Cave” is the portion of this website where you can get ideas for outfitting your home, car, body, etc. with the best Cougar gear available.  In addition to ideas I provide affiliate links for Cougar stuff that you can get on Amazon and elsewhere. If you have ideas, pictures, or videos of your own Cougar gear to share please email them to tyler@byuinsider.com.

The Game/Rec Room

Right now I’m working on finishing our basement.  We–of course–want a BYU themed game room, so here are some of the products we have either already purchased or are saving to purchase for this space.  Right now I’m looking at a billiards table, some video game accessories, and wall art.

The Office

The office is a great room to convert to a “Cougar Cave” because it is the room I have the most control over.  I have a small library of “BYU books”, memorabilia, pictures and wall hangings, and more.

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