Press Release: Dallas Maverick’s rookie Kyle Collinsworth launches new blog Athlete’s Guide 5

ag5_sliderBlog focuses on five key aspects of athletic performance aimed to help youth

Dallas, TX: Kyle Collinsworth of the Dallas Mavericks announced today that he is launching a new website and blog: Athlete’s Guide 5 (, a site aimed at helping youth improve their athletic performance through a mental approach, nutrition, strength and conditioning, recovery, and rehabilitation.  Collinsworth has already posted interviews with several professional athletes in various sports, and has worked with his wife—All-American runner Shea Martinez-Collinsworth—to provide information that has helped them elevate their own athletic performance.

ag5_blog_screenshot Kyle says that the site was created because “There are so many things I wish I  knew as a kid that I know now. I want all young athletes to know all the little things that can help them improve as an athlete. I want to put the info out there that I have learned and allow people to read and learn, and also put what they have learned and what has worked for them as well. I want a place where people can gather on the internet and learn how to become their own CEO of their body and career.”  When asked what advice he had for young athletes seeking to one day play professionally he responded “Decide today you want to be one. When you make that decision your whole life starts to change. You get to bed earlier you eat better, you stay after practice and work on your game. If you want to do something you have to decide today. Deciding today allows you to put mass amounts of action towards your goal. The sooner you start the more action you will have towards that goal. Set that goal and let it command your every thought and believe you can achieve it.”

Screenshot from Athlete’s Guide 5

ag5_logoThe blogs covers five areas of athletic performance:
1) the mental approach
2) nutrition
3) strength and conditioning
4) recovery
5) rehabilitation.

Athlete’s Guide 5 also includes a forum where anyone can ask a question or contribute their own ideas and experience regarding the 5 aspects of improving athletic performance. The site was designed by Tyler Christensen (, an instructor at Dixie State University, contributor for the Deseret News, and managing editor of BYU Insider (

About Kyle and Shea Collinsworth: Kyle is a rookie for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA.  He holds the single season and career NCAA records for triple doubles and was an AP honorable mention in 2015 and 2016.  He experienced two breaks in his collegiate playing career (LDS church mission and ACL surgery), only to return to the team stronger and better.  His speedy recovery and subsequent improvement is unprecedented at the collegiate level.  Shea is a senior at Brigham Young University and a five time All-American in the 800 meters.  She was awarded the bronze medal in the 2015 World University games, finished third in the NCAA championships (2016), and competed in the 800-meter in the Olympic trials.

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