Kyle Collinsworth kicks off 2018 with the launch of two books on healthy living

Kyle Collinsworth is the lone BYU alumni in the NBA right now, having been called up from the Dallas Maverick’s G-League affiliate (Texas Legends) last month.  His two-way contact will only keep him with the team for 45 days so he is doing everything he can to solidify a permanent roster spot.

While Collinsworth continues to work towards his own goals, he has also spent considerable time over the last few years helping others to reach their own goals.

Collinsworth created a blog in 2016 to share all he has and is learning about health and fitness.  His regular posts include exercise plans, recipes, and inspirational quotes.  He also spends considerable time in the comments section of the blog, answering every question and even pointing fans towards other resources that might help them improve their lives.

To kick off 2018, Collinsworth published his first two books, targeting those who are ready to act on their goals in order to make positive changes in their lives.

His first book, “Born to Be Strong: A Guide to Reclaiming your Natural Strong Body”, is an ebook that includes workouts, video tutorials, and even details his own experience in getting and staying fit.

Collinsworth’s exercise advice is for everyone—from the inactive and overweight, to professional athletes like himself, and everyone in-between.  Consequently, it includes several different kinds of workouts and even includes a chapter on paddle boarding—one of his favorite workouts.

“Paddle board is an exercise that is so fun because you are outside and in the water and it’s a full body workout with all the balance and paddling. It’s one of my favorite off-season workouts because I do so much physically, but it’s so light mentally.”

Collinsworth’s second book, “The Power of Food: Body, Mind, and Spirit”, is a step-by-step guide to getting healthy through better eating.

When I asked him why he wrote the book he responded “I want to help America be healthier. I know deep down everyone wants a body they are confident in and wants to feel energized and healthy. I feel like food is the best way to do that. Food literally impacts us in so many ways so I want to teach people to be healthy. Anyone who wants to be healthy, or healthier, I wrote it for them.”

He noted that “everything written in the book comes from my own research combined with my experiences, which is why I think it is so valuable.”

One of the key areas of research he explores in the book is the associations people have with food.  He notes “I talk a lot about the power of association in my book and especially the association we have with food. The key is to associate unhealthy foods to pain, and healthy foods to pleasure. Once we can do that we will have huge breakthroughs with our eating.”

Collinsworth recognizes this is easier said than done, and that one of the major obstacles Americans have in getting healthy is in eating nutritious foods.  When I asked him if food can taste good AND be healthy, he responded “Absolutely! Shea’s butter lemon chicken is amazing. Healthy food tastes great especially when you stop eating fake food and food full of sugar!”

The books simplifies the process for finding these healthy and tasty foods by including recipes and even a shopping guide for key foods.

The overall message in the book is hopeful, as it shows how small changes in diet and mindset can go a lot way to making big overall changes in health.  He counsels “Don’t focus on how much you eat (calorie counting) focus on what you eat! I’ve never seen anyone over eat healthy food!”

Both books are jam-packed with great advices and practical tips.  You can purchase them on his website:

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