With the advantage of playing on Friday, BYU has a few players leading in the league in their respective statistical categories, at least for today.  Jamaal Williams leads the country in rushing yards with 702 while Kai Nacua leads in interceptions with 4 and Rhett Almond is tied for first in field goals percentage at 100%.  But they’re not the only ones atop the leader board.  The following are all the top 50 rankings by BYU and its players:

Offensive Leaders

  • Jamaal Williams: No. 1 in rushing yards (703), No. 1 in rushing attempts (109), No. 3 in rushing TDs (8), No. 5 in total touchdowns (8), No. 10 in total points scored
  • Tayson HIll: No. 5 in passing attempts, No. 6 in interceptions thrown (6) No. 8 in completions (102), No. 10 in times sacked (10), No. 23 in passing yards (1117)
  • Jonah Trinnaman: No. 31 (tied) for longest reception (75)

Defensive Leaders

  • Kai Nacua: No. 1 in interceptions (4)
  • Butch Pau’u: No. 22 (tied) in assisted tackles (20), No. 28 (tied) in total tackles
  • Fred Warner, No. 19 (tied) in total tackles
  • Harvey Langi, No. 22 (tied) in forced fumbles (1)
  • Sawyer Powell, No. 22 (tied) in forced fumbles (1)
  • Dayan Lake, No. 36 in interception yards (49)

Special Teams

  • Rhett Almond: No.1 (tied) in field goal percentage (100.0)
  • Jonny Linehan: No. 7 in punting yards (1168)
  • Aleva Hifo: No 35 in kickoff return yards (212)
  • Garrett Juergens, No. 27 (tied) in number of punts returned (8), No. 39 in punt return yards (72)

Team Statistics

  • Offense: No. 4 (tied) in first downs (114), No. 8 (tied) in interceptions thrown (6), No. 10 in rushing yards (1000), No. 10 in total penalties (35), No. 10 in special team efficiency (63.1), No. 11 in penalty yards (325), No. 11 in rushing TDs (12), No. 12 in rushing first downs (50), No. 12 in passing first downs (57), No.14 in total yards, No. 19 (tied) in sacks allowed, No. 21 in rushing yards per attempt (5.4), No. 29 in passing yards (1126), No. 35 in fourth down percentage (66.7), No. 39 in total points, No. 43 in third down percentage (45.1), No. 44 in rushing yards per game (200.0), No. 48 in offensive efficiency (58.5),
  • Defense: No. 4 (tied) in passes intercepted (9), No. 16 in interception yards (101), BYU is ranked in the bottom ten in most defensive team statistics, and is in the bottom two for yards allowed and passing yards allowed
  • Special Teams: No. 5 in punt yards (1207), No. 6 (tied) in field goals made (8), No. 7 in total punts (28), No. 13 in field goals attempted, No. 31 in field goal percentage

While it might be disappointing that we have more punting yards (1168) than rushing yards (1000), at least a few of the players have had a chance to shine in their individual positions.

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