Five year rewind: Cougarfans still love The Jimmer

Five years ago BYU was enjoying the most basketball success in thirty years and was poised to make a tournament run into the sweet 16.  Jimmer mania was in full swing, and we were all drinking the Jimmer kool-aid as “Teach me how to Jimmer” was posted to YouTube by the Feel Good Music Coalition five years ago today.

I have no problem admitting it–I have a mancrush on The Jimmer.  He’s easily the most entertaining athlete to compete for BYU in the last twenty years, and he gave the Cougar basketball program a real boost at just the right time for Dave Rose as he was in the midst of taking BYU basketball to the next level.  Jimmer is replicating that success right now, having just dropped 35 in the D-League All-Star game, winning the MVP for the game.  He’s averaging over 22 points per game and has brought Jimmer mania to the developmental league.

Now before the Debbie Downers get on here and whine about how Jimmer’s NBA career never really took off, let’s share the love this Valentines Day and reflect on just how amazing Jimmer is/was.   Jimmer’s list of BYU accomplishments is not short, here are just a few things he accomplished while in Provo:

  • The Jimmer holds BYU records for points scored in a single game (52), field goals in a single game (22), points scored in a season (1068), field goals in a season (346), 3-point field goals in a season (124) and career (296), free throws in a game (23) and season (252), and most 30-point games (24), and 40-point games (6). He also held the BYU career scoring record when he graduated in 2011.
  • Jimmer held MWC records for points scored in a game (52), season (1068), and career (2599), field goals in a season (346) and career (838), and 3-point field goals in a career (296).
  • Jimmer’s best games were against the best teams, dropping 49 on the road at Arizona, 37 in double overtime to the #10 seed Florida in the NCAA tournament, 47 at Utah (including the half court shot shown below),  52 against New Mexico, and 43 vs. #4 SDSU,

  • The four-year average win-loss record with Jimmer on board was 29-6, and the Cougars won three conference titles and were runners-up the other season.They finished the 2009-10 season ranked #17 after being ranked as high as #12, and the 2010-11 season ranked #10 after spending half the season in the top 10 and a couple weeks at #3.
  • Jimmer led the Cougars to their most successful four year post-season stretch in Cougar history, making it to the first round of the big dance in 2008 and 2009, the second round in 2010, and the sweet 16 in 2011.
  • Jimmer was a three-year all-conference first-team player, consensus All-American, Wooden Award Winner, and Conference and National Player of the Year (2011). He was also awarded the 2011 Best Male College Athlete ESPY award.

Of course, of all of his accomplishments perhaps the most significant to the BYU basketball program was the Jimmer mania that swept the nation.  He became a pop culture phenomenon as his name became a verb, and “getting Jimmered” is still mentioned when Emery has a Jimmer-esque game and drops a three or two from Jimmer range, or when a national poll mentioned on CougarBoard needs a few (thousand) pro-BYU votes.

On this V-Day lets stroll down memory lane and revisit a few of the best Jimmerisms that were crowding Facebook and CougarBoard five years ago (thanks Michelle Peralta). If I miss any good ones feel free to add them in the comment section below.

  • Why did The Jimmer cross the road? Because he got tired of crossing over Tre’von!
  • What is more impressive… that Jimmer bowled a 300, or that he did it with a single throw?
  • Want to learn more? Email
  • Superman wears Jimmer pajamas
  • When there was only one set of footprints… that’s when The Jimmer carried you.
  • The Jimmer touched MC Hammer.
  • If Chuck Norris was an animal, he’d be a Jimmer.
  • Was it Pres. Monson or Packer who was once talking in General Conference, and talked about how when we die and get to heaven, people will kneel in reverence when they learn that we lived during the time of The Jimmer?
  • Jimmer once won a game of jeopardy by answering every question “who is Jimmer Fredette?”
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, ‘cause everyone’s getting Jimmer’d out there.
  • If The Jimmer ever got pulled over for speeding I bet he would let the cops off with a warning.


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