BYU Basketball on Twitter

After we ran the numbers for the first third report I tweeted Anson Winder to let him know he has been the greatest overachiever on the team so far this season, which he then retweeted.  I am and old foagie and don’t really get this whole twitter thing… but it is cool for seeing what BYU players are up to and how they feel about things so I have started checking it from time to time. After searching for various different BYU basketball players I realized I could save a lot of time if I simply used a list, so I searched for one. I couldn’t find one, so I made one. Since I was listing all the players’ twitter handles anyway I decided to add on some of the other relevant tweeting info (as of 12/16/14). Note: I was unable to find a twitter account for the players that aren’t listed, if you know of one let me know and I’ll add it.

Name Twitter Handle Tweets Following Followers Favorites Date Joined
Ryan Andrus @andrus_ryan 831 114 941 2687 July 2012
Nate Austin @RexosaurusRex 3154 444 3774 1602 November 2011
Jamal Aytes @Jbabyaytes 4288 653 860 5614
Kyle Collinsworth @bigrussia5 503 103 3879 207
Chase Fischer @C_Fischerr 170 200 1458 57
Skyler Halford @Sky_Half23 1131 284 1671 2080 November 2011
Tyler Haws @tyhaws3 553 273 10k 811 August 2012
Dalton Nixon @dnixon33 3692 308 4781 10k January 2012
Jake Toolson @jtoolgoinham 6054 163 1743 6487 February 2011
Anson Winder @AnsonWinder20 1247 334 3702 467 May 2011
Luke Worthington @worthington41 697 71 1897 2548 September 2012

Disclaimer: I don’t want to invade the players’ privacy but all of this information was easily found with a google search. If they or their families prefer not to have this information listed contact me and I’ll remove it.