Utah BYU
Year Win Loss Postseason Win Loss Postseason
2013 21 12 1st round NIT (loss to St. Mary) 23 12 1st round NCAA
2012 15 18 24 12 4th round NIT (semifinal)
2011 6 25 26 9 1st round NCAA (won play-in)
2010 13 18 32 5 3rd round NCAA (sweet 16)
2009 14 17 30 6 2nd round NCAA
2008 24 10 1st round NCAA (L) 25 8 1st round NCAA
2007 18 15 2nd round CBI 27 8 1st round NCAA
2006 11 19 25 9 1st round NCAA
2005 14 15 20 9 1st round NIT

The Utes were dominant in the 1990s but have been completely owned by BYU since Dave Rose took the reins in 2005. Does “talent and tradition” from the 1990s translate into sweet 16? Meanwhile you posit BYU would be lucky to dance. The facts say otherwise. Since Rose took over…

  •  BYU owns Utah head-to-head 12-4
  • Utah has played in one NCAA tournament game, BYU 10.
  • Utah had 1 NIT game (a loss to WCC St. Mary), BYU 5.
  • Utah did play in 2 CBI games, BYU 0 (BYU was in a better tourney every season).

BYU has advanced further in the post-season EVERY season. BYU has had a better record EVERY season. BYU has out-recruited Utah EVERY season. BYU has finished higher ranked EVERY season. How’s that for tradition and history?

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