Pro Profile: Austin Collie (WR, 2004, 2007-08)

BYU Summary

At BYU Collie was the MWC Freshman of the Year (2004), Las Vegas Bowl MVP (2007), and a MWC First-Team receiver (2008). In 2008 he led the NCAA in receiving yards per game (118.31), total receiving yards (1538), and consecutive 100-yard receiving games (11), while ranking third in receiving yards per catch (14.51), and total receptions (106), fourth in touchdowns receiving (15), and 12th in total all-purpose yards per game (162.46). He set BYU records for career receptions (215), career receiving yards (3255), and career receiving touchdowns (30). He decided to forgo his senior season to enter the 2009 NFL draft.

NFL Summary

Collie was drafted in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL draft (no. 127 overall) and had three very good seasons (2009-11) for the Colts before being derailed by concussions. In each of those first three seasons he recorded more than 50 receptions and 500 receiving yards, and had 16 touchdowns. Unfortunately he did have a couple significant concussions in 2010 as well as in a 2012 preseason game and never saw much playing time after that. In 2015 he played for the BC Lions and had 43 receptions for 439 yards and seven touchdowns.

2009 Indianapolis Colts 16 5 60 676 11.3 39 7
2010 Indianapolis Colts 9 6 58 649 11.2 73 8
2011 Indianapolis Colts 16 5 54 514 9.5 27 1
2012 Indianapolis Colts 1 0 1 6 6.0 6 0
2013 New England Patriots 7 1 6 63 10.5 19 0
Total 49 17 179 1908 10.7 73 16

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