This page is mostly for me so I can keep track of things and remember to publish the right pages on the right days. I’m also very open to feedback about what we write about, the frequency of publication, time of day, etc.

Football Season (September – December)

  • Monday Morning: Future Cougs (High School updates)
  • Tuesday Morning: Cougs in the Pros (NFL and CFL updates)
  • Wednesday Morning: Transfer Tracker (how BYU transfers did at their new schools), periodic
  • Friday Morning: Featured article for the week
  • Other Times: Featured/New Profiles for commits, prospects, players, and alumni AND/OR Where are they Now featurettes

Features Series

  • Head-to-Head. How BYU stacks up against other programs. Outlines head-to-head win/loss records for the P5/Independence era (2011-present), the Mendenhall era (2006-present), and all-time. Also details head-to-head recruiting battles.
  • The Holy War. Everything you could ever want to know about BYU vs. Utah.
  • Recruiting profiles. We’ll continue to provide profiles for new commits, recruits who have offers, and prospects for the BYU football and basketball programs.
  • Recruiting updates. AAU basketball, NBA summer league, Professional updates. CFL, NFL, NBA, Euroleague
  • Player profiles. We’ll continue to create profiles for the players currently in the program and even some alumni.
  • Where Are They Now. These featurettes combine player profiles with updates regarding where the players are now. Think of them as player profiles on steroids.