Most readers of BYU Insider don’t realize that this isn’t an “Insider” site, it’s the exact opposite of that.  BYU Insider was created because I believe all fans should have access to as much information as is possible without having to belong to a membership site.  I created recruiting profiles, where are they now spotlights, and did various statistical analysis because this is the kind of information I wish was readily available to fans on the web. The “insiders” that I hope participate in this community are those superfans like me that have information that they want to share with other fans.  Much of this kind of information is already available on Cougarboard, recruiting websites, and other forums for those who are willing to wade through all the many pages to find specific information.  BYU Insider hopefully makes that process a little easier.  But this website could be even better. This page will outline what you can do to access the kind of information you’re looking for, how to share that content with other fans, and how you can contribute to the BYU Insider community.

How to get content

If you’re a big-time BYU fan you’re probably always on the lookout for good content.  You likely spend time on Cougarboard, and occasionally read articles in the various BYU centered blogs and newspapers.  Here are a few ways you can get content from this site without having to check every day for new content.

  • Bookmarks.  This may be the least efficient way of getting your BYU sports fix, but many fans swear by it.  To create a bookmark to any page you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+D” on most browsers.  There are also social bookmarking websites (StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Digg, and others).
  • RSS. Rich Site Summary is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Basically, it’s a way of getting new blog posts delivered directly to your email inbox. You can use RSS to simply get notifications of new blog posts (typically with a one paragraph sample), or an email that contains the entire text of the email (RSS email).  This is different from an email list that you might subscribe to (see next).
  • Email List.  List most blog sites BYU has an email list that you can subscribe to.  If you sign up for this mailing list (find it in the right hand column) you will get additional resources sent to you as they are developed.  Resources in progress include: Basketball Pro Tracker, Football Pro Tracker, Guide to being a Cougarfan, and a football scheduling guide.
  • Like BYU Insider in Facebook.

How to share content

If this content is helpful to you, maybe you’ll want to do as I am doing and share it with other BYU fans.  One of the nice things about being the editor for this site is being the recipient of thank you emails and message from student-athletes and their family members after I profile them on the site.  It is nice to see my work reach an audience that appreciates it.  You can help in this endeavor.

  • Like in Facebook.  One easy way of sharing is to “like” the BYU facebook page
  • Share

How to contribute

  • comments
  • New discussion forum?
  • Email me directly

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