A comprehensive list of all articles related to BYU and Big 12 expansion rumors

byu_big12_tnThe following is a comprehensive (and backwards chronological) list of all newspaper, magazine, website and blog posts even remotely related to Big 12 expansion and BYU’s possible role in such expansion. If you know of a relevant article that is not listed please link to the article in the comment section below. For each article I’ve included a very brief summary, quote, or note. For a synthesis of these articles, see the post:  BYU to the Big 12? A synthesis of 26 articles published in the last two days (and another 31 from earlier in the year).

Note: Additional links will be posted throughout the day as more stories break and as I find additional older stories.  Also, there is a Facebook page dedicated to information on BYU to the Big 12: https://www.facebook.com/byutobig12. There is another less BYU-centric FB page too: https://www.facebook.com/Big12ConferenceExpansion.

December 2014 (32 articles and counting…)

Big 12 expansion may finally make financial sense – Ryan Teeples, Deseret News, December 9, 2014
Summarizes the B12’s current television deal and explains how adding a conference championship game can compensate for the money lost in inviting expansion teams.

BYU Against the Field for Big 12 Expansion – Zak Hicken, Torn By Sports, December 9, 2014
Against nine potential members BYU ranks 3rd in educational endowment, 1st in stadium size, 1st in National Championships, 1st in athletic revenue, 1st in recruiting potential.

Big 12 Expansion Watch: BYU to Big 12 Rumors – Jeff Hansen, Lawless Republic, December 9, 2014
Lists a bunch of tweets about BYU, the Big 12, and possible expansion

Bad News UCF and USF – No Big XII Expansion Any Time Soon – James Williams, sports Talk Florida, December 9, 2014
“In short they are willing to wait at least another year to see how things play out in 2015 before rushing to add either a championship game or to expand. In the meantime they have joined the ACC in a petition to the NCAA to allow a championship game to be played with ten teams and not the present 12 team format that is in place.”
“The second spot is really the one up for grabs with BYU and Memphis seen as the two favorites for least for the moment. BYU brand name school who has played as an independent, so there would be no conference buyout to be concerned about if they were added. They have a national fan base and while they are not Notre Dame they have a large following worldwide. BYU puts fans in the seats no matter where they play and head football coach Bronco Mendenhall in his 10 years at the school has played 35 teams from the Power Five conferences. They have consistently played high profile teams around the country including Big XII powers Texas, Oklahoma, and TCU. This year they beat Texas in Austin 41-7, so they can compete. Look at their 2015 schedule where the play on the road against Nebraska, UCLA, Michigan, San Jose State and Utah State with a neutral site game in Kansas City with Missouri. They will be home to Boise State, UConn, Cincinnati, East Carolina, and Fresno State. That is an impressive schedule and they also have a strong basketball program. Their resume is very hard to beat as candidate in the Big XII.”

Big 12 playoff snub brings back argument for BYU, expansion – Dick Harmon, Deseret News, December 8, 2014
BYU President Worthen replied: “My guess is there will be at least one other shift somehow in terms of college football, it may be a separate division, it may be realignment, it may be both of those things and I don’t think it’ll be safe to predict that we could, that we’ll be in the same place. But I do like the fact that where we are at right now we have more flexibility than had we not made a change at that point.”

Big 12 Discussing Adding Conference Championship Game? – Patrick Schmidt, Fansided, December 8, 2014
The conference is not likely to expand to 12 teams so if the conference adopts a championship game they will have to petition since they don’t have two divisions with at least six teams, a change that likely would be met with little objection from the other conferences.

10 takeaways from the buildup to the first College Football Playoff – Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports, December 8, 2014
But if the Big 12 is forced into expansion mode, it should target two of these four teams: Boise State, BYU, UCF and Cincinnati. Ideally, the league would grab Cincinnati to give West Virginia company (and a travel partner) on the Eastern Frontier. The other preferable school would be BYU, but if it would prefer to stay independent then Boise State would be an adequate substitute.

Playoff Snub Sends Clear Signal to Big 12: Use Your Games Wisely – David Fox, Athlon Sports, December 8, 2014
It’s too early, though, to assume the Big 12 has to crawl to BYU or Boise State or Cincinnati or UCF or Memphis for expansion. The criteria for the basketball selection committee ebbs and flows with each season. The criteria for this specific football committee seemed to change for week to week… Why not try scheduling BYU or Cincinnati before adding them to the conference? Facing UCF or Boise State might not be a signature non-conference win, but they won’t be the schedule deadweight of an FCS team, either.”

Um… should we let them know that we destroyed Texas this season?

Big 12 researching possible candidates for expansion even before playoff snub – Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News, December 8, 2014
“BYU is independent and has a considerable following and already has an ESPN deal through 2018 believed to pay the school in the neighborhood of $1 million for every televised home football game. If the Cougars desired more defined access to the football playoff, it is possible ESPN would make some minor adjustments to its contracts with the Big 12.

Lack of true Big 12 champion proves costly in playoff; Punt, Pass & Pork – Andy Staples, Sports Illustarted, December 7, 2014
“After getting pillaged during two rounds of conference realignment and nearly imploding twice, the Big 12 didn’t expand back to 12 schools because there weren’t two schools that would convince TV partners to pay enough to keep the league’s per-school revenue share at its current level. If adding BYU and Cincinnati or UCF and USF would guarantee that payday, the league would’ve already expanded.”

If the Big 12 expands, which teams should it add? – The Dallas Morning News, December 8, 2014
“But whom should the Big 12 invite? Cincinnati is working to move into the Big 12 or another Power Five league, according to a report in The Cincinnati Enquirer. Other potential candidates include:  Memphis and Central-Florida of the American Athletic Conference. BYU, Boise State, Marshall and Colorado State also have been mentioned.” A poll reveals that fans feel the top choices for inclusion are BYU (46.17%), Colorado State (33.36%), and Cincinnati (7.65%). (as of December 12, 2014, 10:00 PM EST).

No guarantee bigger playoff better – Tim Sullivan, The Courier-Journal, December 8, 2014
“With five power conferences and the periodic prominence of such schools as Notre Dame, BYU and Boise State, it’s probable that at least one deserving school will be left out of the playoff almost annually. This is unfortunate, but an inadequate reason for expanding the bracket to include eight or more schools.”

Amid disharmony, Big 12 has much to ponder – Randy Harvey, Houston Chronicle, December 7, 2014
“So in order to prevent the Big 12 from being such a big loser again, the big winners could be teams trying to gain entrance to a Power Five conference. It’s premature to speculate, but that hasn’t stopped speculation Houston, Cincinnati, Boise State, BYU and Central Florida could be candidates.”

Boise State bowl notebook: Could BSU help Big 12 championship dilemma? – Chadd Cripe and Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman, December 8, 2014
Boise State and BYU are often mentioned as possible targets if the Big 12 added Western members… But President Bob Kustra said he’d have to be “convinced” to join the Big 12, citing travel concerns to small towns like Lubbock (Texas Tech) and Waco (Baylor), Texas.”

The Big 12’s Playoff Snub could Improve Louisville’s Future ACC Schedules – Jay Garmon, SB Nation, December 8, 2014
“There’s simply no way the Big 12 can add two teams in time for the 2015 season, not least because schedules could not be altered in time, nor could television deals be negotiated. Also, short of BYU, there aren’t really any compelling available teams in the Big 12 geographic footprint that would up the value of the Big 12 television contract enough that adding them wouldn’t actually cost the league members money.”

Millions of reasons UC Bearcats want ‘Big 12’ – Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati.com, December 8, 2014
BYU has made no secret of its interest. Boise State has kicked the tires. Central Florida – which beat Baylor in last year’s Fiesta Bowl – could be in the mix. Same with Memphis, whose biggest sugar daddy, Fred Smith (FedEx owner, net worth $3.5 billion) would like his Tigers in a big-time league.

The Big 12 has a problem; can BYU be part of the solution? – Lafe Peavler, Deseret News, December 8, 2014
Yes, BYU will be on the list of potential expansion targets. But remember, BYU was also on the list when Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri all decided to hit the road. While many viewed the Cougars as a front-runner for a coveted Big 12 invite, TCU and West Virginia received invitations instead. Here is a hard truth for BYU fans: If the Big 12 were crazy about the Cougars, they’d be there already.

Big 12 bound? BYU had better be going somewhere – Darnell Dickson, The Daily Herald, December 8, 2014
Opinion piece that simply states that BYU should try to get into the Big 12

BYU and the Big 12 – Zak Hicken, Torn By Sports, December 8, 2014
BYU would have fifth largest endowment of Big 12 schools, 3rd largest stadium size, and rank 5th in terms of athletic revenue

UC-Big 12 speculation heats up – Tom Groeschen, Cincinnati.com, December 8, 2014
“With the lack of a deciding game perhaps costing the 10-team Big 12 this year, talk began again Sunday about which teams could be candidates to boost the league’s membership to 12 teams. Those schools could include UC, Memphis and UCF of the American Athletic Conference. BYU, Boise State, Marshall and Colorado State also have been mentioned, among others.”

Why are TCY, Baylor out? Blame the Big 12 until expansion happens – Bill Bender, Sporting News, December 8, 2014
“There are already rumors about Cincinnati and Memphis coming to the Big 12. Do one better. Expand to 14 and bring in Boise State and BYU. Get that championship game in place ASAP.”

Nashville radio host: Memphis to the Big 12 – ESPN929.com, December 8, 2014
According to a radio host in Nashville on 102.5 the game, the Big 12 — which does not currently have a championship game — is going to add two more teams in the offseason and, according to his information, those two teams will be Cincinnati and Memphis.

5 reasons BYU is a good fit for the Big 12 – Dylan Cannon, KSL, December 8, 2014
1. TV market, 2. National fan base, 3. The team has been competitive against Power 5 teams, 4. The school boasts other successful programs. Should we tell them that they’ve only listed 4 reasons?

College Football Playoff and Big 12 Expansion Rumors: Cincinnati and… Memphis? – Frank the Tank’s Slant, December 8, 2014
“I have been an advocate of Big 12 expansion (with Cincinnati and BYU as the top two choices) and believe that the conference badly wants two obvious non-power conference teams to rise up on their own as expansion targets (in the way that Utah and TCU had made names for themselves a few years ago in the Mountain West Conference) no matter how much they tout their company line about being happy at 10 members. Looking at conference realignment in a vacuum, the two most valuable Group of 5 schools are arguably BYU and UConn, so who knows how the Big 12 views either of those schools. I’ll re-state my firm belief that BYU would be a fantastic fit for the Big 12 both on-the-field and financially, but acknowledge that it’s the most unpredictable school that I’ve seen over the past few years of conference realignment both in terms of its own actions and how the rest of the Big 12 perceives the school. If the Big 12 expands and BYU is somehow passed over, then it would be a clear inverse of the Michael Corleone credo: “It’s not business, it’s just personal”.

After snub, Big 12 may reassess how to crown champ – Stephen Hawkins, Deseret News, December 7, 2014
Bowlsby presented championship trophies to both teams after their respective games, those celebrations coming about seven hours apart. Baylor coach Art Briles made it clear that he believes the Bears should be considered the league’s “One True Champion,” living up to the league’s slogan. He had a rather brisk conversation about that with Bowlsby on the podium in the middle of the field during the celebration. “There’s one true champion and it’s the Baylor Bears,” Briles screamed to the fans, then making that case again in his postgame interview and before Sunday’s selections.

Window open for Colorado State to join Big 12 – Matt L. Stephens, The Coloradoan, December 7, 2014
The chance of CSU receiving an invitation to a Power 5 conference has always been viewed pessimistically. When leagues such as the Big 12 look to expand, the No. 1 criteria considered is the TV market a school brings with it. Denver ranks in the top 20. Boise State will be in the discussion, as will Brigham Young, Houston, Cincinnati and Memphis, and each has a case to make. Boise, Idaho, isn’t much of a media market, but the Broncos bring brand awareness; BYU has an international fan base larger than any school in the U.S.

Jilted Big 12 must make changes – Mark Schlabach, ESPN, December 7, 2014
“During an interview on ESPN on Sunday, selection committee chairman Jeff Long made it pretty clear that the Bears and Horned Frogs were hurt by not playing in a conference championship game. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Sunday that he and ACC commissioner John Swofford have already talked to the other Power 5 leagues about getting the Big 12 a waiver. “It’s clear that we were penalized for not having a postseason championship game, and it would have been nice to have been told that ahead of time,” Bowlsby said. “We made the impression that we had a different model, but it wasn’t one that was going to penalize us. I think it’s clear that it did, and I think it was even said that it did. That will cause us to go back to the drawing board a little bit and talk about whether or not we need to think about a different model.” Bowlsby said the Big 12 might have to explore the possibility of adding at least two teams to expand to 12 members. BYU officials have openly expressed their desire to join the Big 12, and Cincinnati and Boise State might be other possibilities for Big 12 expansion.”

Big 12’s Baylor and TCU miss Playoff. Lack of one true champion to blame? – Adam Stites, SB Nation, December 7, 2014
“Ohio State’s performance in a 13th game gave them a quality win over a highly ranked team,” said committee chairman Jeff Long on ESPN. In October, when the mess of Baylor and TCU sitting tied at the top of the conference had just begun brewing, Bowlsby said there are “no obvious candidates” to add to the Big 12. There’s not much solid reporting on where the Big 12 would look next, if it did decide to expand. But long-speculated candidates for addition to the Big 12 include the Cincinnati Bearcats, Memphis Tigers, or UCF Knights of the American Athletic Conference, the independent BYU Cougars, or the Boise State Broncos of the Mountain West.

TCU, Baylor not helped by Big 12 decisions in playoff process – Jimmy Burch, Star-Telegram, December 7, 2014
“Money, power, prestige, influence and television ratings always rule the day in a tug-of-war between small private schools and established blue-blood powers with huge fan bases when a gray area is involved. The Big 12 really, really, REALLY needs to stage a championship game if it wants to get full credit for its top teams’ season-long “body of work” in future deliberations by CFP committee members.”

Football selection committee sends Big XII clear message – Neal Jones, KCTV News Kansas City, December 7, 2014
“In April there will be a vote to allow 10-team leagues like the Big XII to play a championship game. If it fails, expect league expansion. BYU, Memphis and Cincinnati are possible targets.”

Big 12 Rumors: Cincinnati and Memphis In, UCF Out? Jeff Sharon, Sports Talk Florida, December 6, 2014
UCF’s hopes of joining a Power Five conference took a bit of a hit this week in the wake of a radio report saying the Big 12 is ready to add Memphis and Cincinnati this off-season. The report comes from show host Darren McFarland during an interview on ‘Sports Night’ on ESPN 102.5 The Game in Nashville with Mitch Light of Athlon Sports.

Big 12 Looking to Poach Memphis Tigers and Cincinnati Bearcats – C. Austin Cox, The Best College Sports News Network, December 5, 2014
It was reported back in early October that the Big 12 had settled on expansion and Memphis had joined the conversation as possible teams to join the Power 5 league… The hiccups that were holding Cincinnati back from getting picked up have been addressed since then with the announcement that UC Bearcats basketball facilities are getting a major multimillion dollar overhaul in addition to a newly renovated Nippert Stadium… It appears that it might be a done deal with the official announcement coming some time around the end of March Madness, according to ESPN Radio in Nashville and this story from ESPN 92.9.

November 2014 (6)

Outwardly lobbying Big 12 by Mendenhall is right on track – Dick Harmon, Deseret News, November 17, 2014
Bronco Mendenhall answered a question about Power 5 conference inclusion by saying it was an “oversight” to this point that the Cougars had been left out… A recent ESPN poll of college football coaches revealed that body of professionals agreed with Mendenhall, that BYU should be the first non-Power 5 brought into the Big Tent. Missouri officials bolstered his case last week when athletic director Mike Alden told reporters his school considered BYU a Power 5 opponent.

Missouri, BYU to play at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015 – David Morrison, Columbia Daily Tribune, November 13, 2014
“In our mind, they’re a Power-5 opponent. There are a lot of programs that will shy away from scheduling BYU. We see that as a formidable opponent, one that should excite our fan base.“ -Bryan Maggard, Executive associate athletic director, oversees scheduling

Mizzou-BYU coming to Arrowhead Stadium in 2015 – Dave Matter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 13, 2014
“Starting in 2016, SEC teams are required to play at least one nonconference game against teams from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-12. West Virginia and Purdue fulfill that requirement for Mizzou from 2016-2019. BYU, an independent program since 2011, doesn’t count as a “power conference” opponent, but the school fit the profile MU sought for next year’s schedule.”

BYU football: Missouri says Cougars are Power 5-caliber, agrees to two-game series – Jay Drew, The Salt Lake Tribune, November 13, 2014
Same kinds of information as Columbia Daily and St. Louis Post-dispatch articles

The Big 12 has a Baylor-TCU mess. Let’s fix it by expanding to 12 teams RIGHT NOW – Jason Kirk, SB Nation, November 12, 2014
“The smart thing would be to add Cincinnati, a consistent program and an east-of-the-Mississippi rival for West Virginia. This would mean expanding before Thursday, since Cincy has a game scheduled. That’s fine. And maybe we add UCF to open up Florida recruiting or a moneymaker like BYU.”

BYU football: Mendenhall hopes there will be another Power 5 conference shift – Jared Lloyd, The Daily Herald, November 10, 2014
When BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall fielded a question Monday afternoon about whether he thinks there will be another seismic shift in the “Power 5” conference structure, he replied, “I sure hope so.” He explained that the major change, in his opinion, will be because major conferences will need to play championship games. “I can’t imagine how every conference won’t have to have a championship game for parity,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense. If I was one of the four conferences that had a championship game, with that extra risk and/or extra opportunity, I would certainly want every team to be doing it. That’s where I stand.”

October 2014 (5)

Bowlsby doesn’t see “obvious candidates” for Big 12 expansion – Kevin McGuire, NBC Sports, October 29, 2014
“In our case, I don’t know that there are a lot of obvious candidates out there,” Bowlsby said in a Q&A with The Oklahoman. “We’re distributing about $25 million per school through our distributable revenue, so anybody that would be considered for expansion in our league would have to bring at least pro-rata value.” Schools that have been tied to some form of expansion rumor or another in recent years have included Florida State, Clemson, UCF, USF, Cincinnati and BYU.

Big 12: Q&A with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby – Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman, October 29, 2014
“The super-conferences concept … has largely been a media fabrication. I have heard no serious conversation among people who do this for a living that the super-conference concept has got any traction.”

Big 12 may set wheel in motion if it adds schools – Chuck Landon, Herald Dispatch, October 29, 2014
Everyone knows the University of Cincinnati has the best available football program to move up to a Power 5 conference. Rumor has it, the Big 12 is interested. And then some.

BYU voted most worthy in #1QFor128 poll – Brett McMurphy, ESPN, October 18, 2014
“BYU was voted as the top non-Power 5 school that deserves to be in a Power 5 conference in ESPN’s weekly college football poll of the FBS head coaches #1QFor128. BYU received 24 percent of the votes, edging East Carolina (21 percent) and Boise State (19 percent) in the poll, conducted by ESPN’s Brett McMurphy. Who the Power 5 coaches voted for (by percent): BYU 30; Boise State 16; East Carolina 11; Houston 9; Cincinnati 7; Marshall 5; UCF 5. Who the Group of 5 coaches voted for (by percent): East Carolina 30; Boise State 22; BYU 20; Cincinnati 8; UCF 8; Houston 6; Marshall 6.”

Cincinnati’s Stock Keeps Plummeting While UCF and ECU’s Rise – C. Austin Cox, College Sports News Network, October 14, 2014
“With the Big 12 going to 14 teams, it looks like UCF, USF, ECU and UConn. The Big 12 tried to work with BYU in the past, but the Mormons may have missed their chance by demanding to keep their own network and not playing on Sundays.”

September 2014 (5)

What Else Do They Have to Prove? – ConferenceExpansion.com, September 22, 2014
“If the Big 12 is waiting for a reason to admit BYU, maybe they should treat the two times they stomped the Longhorns into the ground as an audition. If not for only Texas but also look at the win they had against Oklahoma in 2009, when the Sooners had Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford. As a matter of fact, that game changed the fortunes of the Sooners because Bradford sustained a season-ending injury and Oklahoma’s quest of going to the national championship game was dashed. How many more games will it take for the Big 12 to realize the BYU belongs with them?”

BYU to Big 12 is great idea, says Tommy Hudspeth – John Klein, Tulsa World, September 21, 2014
“BYU would be a great fit in the Big 12,” said Hudspeth, who was the head coach at BYU from 1964-71. “I think the only issue is the distance. “However, in just about every other way, BYU would be a great fit with any group out there. It is a great football program and a great school with fans all over the world.” If the 10-team Big 12 Conference needs to expand, then BYU is the best candidate… It would make for a weird geographical footprint, stretching from West Virginia to Utah, but the Cougars would bring more to the Big 12 than any other possibility.

Notre, Dame, BYU have one avenue to make playoff: Finish undefeated – Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports, September 15, 2014
BYU reportedly has made attempts to connect with a conference, but remains committed to independence and in reality may be trapped there. The Big 12 — the most widely speculated landing spot in a power conference — has shown little to no interest.

Two Conferences didn’t consider BYU for Expansion due to Sunday Play, according to Mendenhall – Mitch Harper, Lawless Republic, September 2014
Details Bronco Mendenhall’s desire to be invited to either PAC12 of Big 12

Romp over Texas has BYU looking to college football’s ‘in’ crowd for an invite – Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports, September 7, 2014
And here they are, still looking for a major conference membership slot, looking every bit like a major conference force, all with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby up above taking it all in… “I don’t really know what message it sends,” Mendenhall said. “I know the way I can influence BYU being respected nationally is to schedule as many of these games as I can. Eventually, that will take care of itself… “I don’t intend to go into the ADs’ office and lobby and hold up signs,” he said. “I’d rather just schedule and play.”

August 2014 (4)

CBS Sports analyst predicts BYU to Big 12 happens next year if league misses out on playoffs – Brandon Judd, Deseret News, August 28, 2014
CBS Sports analyst Gary Danielson predicted on the radio show “The Mac Attack,” broadcast out of Charlotte, North Carolina, that BYU and Central Florida would be invited to join the Big 12 after this season if the league was left out of the College Football Playoff in its inaugural year.

Gary Danielson Predicts Football Conference to Not Make Final Four – T-Bone, CBS Charlotte, August 27, 2014
The one conference, however, that’s “sitting in the most dangerous position is The Big 12,” says Danielson.  And one big prediction he has if The Big 12 champion isn’t in the college football finals, then the “conference would expand in the offseason and take Central Florida and BYU and put a champion in the year after.

BYU football could be in long-term trouble – Patrick Kinahan, KSL, August 20, 2014
“I could be wrong about BYU. I don’t know yet where they fit into the new scheme,” said Chris Dufresne of the Los Angeles Times. “There seems to be a clear divide between the Power 5 and the (other) group of five, and BYU is sort of straddling in the middle. Notre Dame is always going to be OK.” …“I think they’re very attractive,” Dufrense said. “I think if the Big 12 wants to expand that BYU would be an obvious choice logistically and otherwise.”

College football’s game of conference realignment is finally ending – Chris Dufresne, LA Times, August 16, 2014
In college football’s game of musical chairs, the big loser is probably Connecticut. Or, in the expanded game, toss in Boise State, Cincinnati, Central Florida and maybe Brigham Young… The cutthroat expansion game left a clear-cut list of winners and losers: Loser: Brigham Young? We could be wrong here, but the Cougars’ decision to go independent in football could be a reach in the playoff era. BYU has a special niche and following, but it is not Notre Dame.

July 2014 (2)

The Big 12 simply can’t afford to add BYU – Ryan Teeples, Deseret News, July 30, 2014
Explains why the Big 12 is standing with 10 teams because of television revenue and explains tier 1, 2, and 3 programming.

Big 12 not looking to expand, but BYU’s a candidate in waiting – Dick Harmon, Deseret News, July 19, 2014
“If it’s a close decision between them and a conference champion from a conference with a championship game, I think the selection committee will give the edge to the non-Big 12 team,” said former BYU offensive lineman and ESPN analyst Trevor Matich. “Ultimately, I think it’s better for the Big 12 to expand and play that championship game in order to get into the top four.” “Competitively, BYU clearly would be fine. The Cougars would fit nicely with the Big 12’s newfound parity in football — five schools have won the last five Big 12 titles — and BYU would be in the large bunch chasing Kansas in basketball.” Berry Tramel

 June 2014 (8)

Central Florida and Cincinnati, Not BYU, Best Big 12 Expansion Candidates for WVU – CBH, SB Nation, June 21, 2014
“Mendenhall’s push of BYU’s resume makes sense as a potential expansion choice with 15 winning seasons in the past 20 years, nine straight bowl game appearances, a  1984 National Championship and Ty Detmer’s 1990 Heisman Trophy win. The negatives weigh as large as the positives for BYU as no games are played on Sundays due to being part of the Mormon Church, and BYU is more than 1,000 miles from eight of the Big 12’s 10 members.”

Big 12 football: The case for a BYU scheduling alliance – Berry Tramel, News OK, June 18, 2014
One thing I’m telling our friends in Utah is that a Big 12/BYU scheduling alliance could be a good thing, for two reasons: 1. Get to know one another. 2. It would give the Big 12 more good games.

Big 12 expansion: More BYU perspective – Berry Tramel, News OK, June 16, 2014
Basically says that because LDS apostle Boyd K. Packer has bad health, he will no longer seek to thwart a BYU invite to the Big 12. Also, these nuggets: “From purely a branding standpoint, any Big 12 AD will tell you a BYU-sized brand not already tied up by a GOR (grant of rights, tying a school to a conference) within the territory between West Virginia and the rest of the league would be a done deal” for the Big 12.”

ESPN Poll: Should the Big 12 add BYU? –Jake Trotter, ESPN, June 12, 2014
“During the turmoil of conference realignment, both BYU and the Big 12 flirted with the Cougars joining the conference in 2011. But ultimately, the Big 12 invited TCU and West Virginia, and closed its doors at 10 members, while BYU went on to become an independent.” Poll results: 74% of 10,834 votes said “yes” while 26% said “no”.

Big 12 tells BYU to go pound sand – they’re happy being a perfect 10. – Fox Sports, June 11, 2014
Cougars head football coach Bronco Mendenhall, whose team plays as an independent, reportedly said he wants BYU to join the Big 12. But according to an ESPN report, with record revenue and a conference schedule which is “absolutely great,” the conference has no intentions of adding BYU — or any other school for that matter.

Sorry BYU, but Big 12 is sticking with 10 – Kevin McGuire, NBC Sports, June 11, 2014
“The Big 12 has found a way to survive just fine by adjusting the way schools handle media rights. Conference scheduling is easy with a full round-robin style format. The Big 12 has learned that a conference championship game is nice, but is not a requirement to remain among the power conferences.”

BYU’s Mendenhall welcomes a Big 12 invite, if only it would be extended – Kevin McGuire, NBC Sports, June 5, 2014
“The Big 12 is the most logical conference destination for BYU if it is to be a part of a power conference. The problem is, the need to add BYU is not there for the Big 12, a conference establishing a comfort level with a 10-member line-up after letting the ground settle in conference realignment madness of recent years.”

BYU’s Mendenhall: ‘We would love to be in the Big 12’ – Brian Davis, Austin American-Statesman, June 5, 2014
“We would love to be in the Big 12… I would love to be a member of that conference. I think that would make a lot of sense. In fact, if that was your headline, that would be great.”

 February 2013 (1)

Bob Bowlsby talks about the Big 12 sticking at 10 teams a lot – Jason Kirk, SB Nation, February 27, 2013
Several quotes by Bowlsby that all essentially say “we like having 10 teams.”